To provide prompt affordable and professional garden services.



We are based in Epping – and work in Ryde, Carlingford, Beecroft, Pennant Hills, Cherrybrook and surrounding areas.


Our Goal

Garden Green will be known for its team of reliable, friendly and efficient staff.



Garden Green is an Australian owned business,which believes in high quality service and customer care.


Matt Coonan, the principle of Garden Green, first established the business over 25 years ago as a sole trader.  Garden Green now employs a team of highly skilled workers and caters to the needs of over 200 clients both commercial and domestic.


Garden Green now works alongside several local real estate agents for the purposes of maintaining existing gardens and preparation and presentation of gardens for sale and or rental.


Garden Green also now looks after lawns and gardens for several strata committees and always maintains the standards set by the strata.


“Every job we do is done to the absolute highest standard no matter how big or small. All our Jobs and our clients are equally of upmost importance to us”-Matt Coonan


The Team

Garden Green consists of a team of friendly, trained professionals.


What makes our team so great?

–          We are contactable from around the world 24/7 by either e-mail or text. All staff carry mobile camera phones and can easily be reached.

–          We have the latest and best equipment available and we work in highly effective teams, which is the key to any successful business.

        We have back up equipment and capacity to take on any new work as most of the maintenance is programmed into a pre set schedule which is constantly adapted to weather conditions and priority jobs.

–           We are fast and efficient and therefore very time effective saving you money

–          We will help solve ANY problems you may have with access to the latest research and ideas on the market. We also offer advice on other trade and handy man work around the house


–          Employment- all our team both full time and casual are employed for their keen eye for detail, hard work ethic and enjoyment of the outdoors.

–          If you have special guests visiting we will prioritize your job and will assist with any emergency services


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