Garden Care


What better way to enjoy the great outdoors, than in your own backyard.

A beautiful garden can:


–           Improve the value of your house

–          Provide privacy and a sanctuary in your own backyard

–          Provide tranquillity

–          Make a statement

–          Be a comfortable place for family and friends


If you would like to enjoy the benefits of your garden without the hard work, planning and stress that can go into it, let our team of professional do it with a smile on their face.


No job is too big or small, if it’s in the garden we’ll do it all.                


Our service include:


–          Hedging – Trained professionals with a eye for detail are able to do hedges up to 5 metres

–          Pruning – Whether it’s a one off clearing job or regular pruning we can do it all

–          Tree Lopping – We are able to cut down small trees up to 5 metres and remove large overhanging branches from larger trees up to 5 metres high.

–          Soft Landscaping – We can provide minor garden landscaping including garden beds, soil movement and advice for re-shaping your garden.

–          Planting – We help you put as many plants in your garden and you desire, no job is too big or small.

–          Weed control – Weeds are always going to be a problem. We offer many different solutions that cater to your situation.

–          Mulching – we can offer advise on types costs etc.


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