Lawn Care


Here in Australia we are the lucky country. Our sun kissed land provides us with the perfect conditions for outdoor living.  If you love the outdoors as much as we do, you’ll love your lawn as much as we do.  Nothing is better than having a lush, freshly cut lawn to enjoy.


“The reason for mowing is to keep the lawn looking smooth, healthy and minimise weeds that may pop up by cutting them prior to setting seed” – Ruck N, 2011 ‘Loving Your Lawn’.


Let our team of highly trained professionals do the hard work while you sit back and enjoy the benefits.


How can we help you?

Being outdoors amongst the gardens we are fully aware and in sink with how quickly your lawn is growing. We are therefore able to regulate the frequency of the mowing according to the seasons. In winter the frequency will drop down to monthly and generally longer.

If you have a special guest-visiting ad want the gardens looking fantastic for a certain day we will priorities your property.


The services we provide:

•  Lawn mowing

•  Edging

•  Weed spraying

•  New lawns and Re -turfing

•  Top Dressing

•  Fertilising



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More information:


Correct cutting height for lawns


Species                                                                                    Mowing Height (mm)


Green/Blue couch                                                                                           15-30

Buffalo grass                                                                                                 30-50

Kikuyu                                                                                                            30-50


“To keep grass lush and thick avoid long periods between mows, regular mowing is best”


“Don’t be fooled into thinking that by mowing really low you wont have to mow as frequently. In most cases you will damage the lawn through scalping, put stress on the lawn, invite weeds and create more work for yourself”- Ruck N 2011, ‘Loving Your Lawn.

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