Pressure Cleaning


Dirt, mould and moss can make your home not very liveable and appealing. Other than aesthetics, mould can cause your driveways and footpaths to become slippery and dangerous. A quick and simple way to make your house feel like a home again is high pressure cleaning.


Garden Green provides an optional chemical treatment for mould along with high pressure blasting from our specialised equipment.


What can we do for you?


Is your house up for sale?

–          We can get you ready for photos


Are your pathways slippery?

–          They probably have mould on them, which we can be, treat and blast away.


Do you want your driveway to look new again?

–          You probably have a layer of dirt that we can easily remove with out pressure cleaning equipment.


Are you getting ready for entertainment?

–          Let us make your house shine and amaze your guests


Are you just looking for a quick way to improve the look of your house?

–          High pressure cleaning is a quick and simple way to wash away the dirt and make things look new again.


To see our work and how we can help you see our before and after Gallery


For any questions and or a free quote feel free to give us a call. We are also Smart phone friendly and can accept photo messages.

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