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How can we help you?


Has your tenant let your garden grow out of control?

We can have your garden looking like new again for a reasonable cost. We specialise in garden blitz work and are happy to come tame any jungle left behind by your tenants.


Would you like someone to maintain your property for your tenant?

Leave the stress of the garden to us. We will make sure your property is kept in perfect condition and keep your tenants smiling.


Do you have a one off garden job?

We would love to come help you with any garden job you may have. No job is to o big or small, if it’s in the garden we’ll do it all.


Getting ready for a new tenant or selling your property?

We can get you ready for photos and keep your property looking great.

We can not only make your lawn look great but also make your driveway shine and make your garden look fresh again. 


See our full range of services in the tabs above or feel free to give us a call.




How can we help you?


Don’t have the equipment?

It can be hard to justify spending the money on expensive equipment.  We have all the equipment you need to get the job done.  Let us take care of your garden for a reasonable price.


Are you afraid you might loose your bond?

We specialise in garden blitz work and can have your garden looking great again for your inspection. 

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